By accepting the terms of this User Agreement, User agrees that M8Market does not provide any compensated services to User, does not accept payments, does not make payments for the benefit of Users.


  • Provider does not accept any payments or provide paid services to Users. Provider cooperates with Payment Systems to accept payments from Buyers, to transfer such payments from Buyers to Vendors and to store funds during order fulfillment. All services related to payments, money transfers, storage of funds, letter of credit service are performed by Payment Systems.
  • For the purposes specified herein, Users are obliged to accept the Payment Systems’ offer, User Agreement or other documents of the Payment Systems. Links to the offers and other documents of Payment systems are shared by request.
  • M8Market reserves the right through Payment Systems to freeze the transfer of funds if any suspicious or fraudulent activity is detected on M8Market or if orders are canceled.
  • You may not apply to cancel an order or payment, or cancel transactions through your payment service provider, your bank or Payment Systems. This may result in a temporary or permanent lockout of your account. Such a request should only be made through M8Market.



  • By making or receiving payments through the Payment Systems, you accept and agree to be bound by this User Agreement.
  • Vendors and Buyers are obliged to use Payment Systems for all transactions. M8Market provides instructions for the User’s payment via Payment Systems, which must be followed by the Users.
  • By confirmation of the final order, Buyers agree to pay Vendors for their Product along with all associated commissions and fees. The price on the site is not a public offer, is approximate and is subject to final confirmation when the Vendor accepts the final order for execution. Placement of an order by the Buyer is a request to be accepted by the Vendor. The prices on the website may become outdated due to normal price changes on the markets, etc.
  • Vendors agree that payment by Payment Systems shall be tantamount to payment by Buyer directly to Vendor.
  • The Buyer’s payment obligation to the Vendor shall be fulfilled upon receipt of payment by the Payment Systems. Payment Systems are responsible for transferring funds to Vendors. In this case, if the Payment Systems do not transfer any amounts to the Vendor, the Vendor shall contact M8Market, and shall not communicate with the Buyer or the Payment Systems directly.
  • Vendor agrees that M8Market may include payment details on invoices, receipts, notices and other documents provided to Buyers as M8Market deems necessary and reasonable.
  • Additional fees may be charged for the transfer of funds in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Payment Systems.